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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management                                     cfh2

Established in 1995 under the auspices of law 95 for the year of 1992, with an authorized fully paid capital of

EGP 25 Million, Cairo Financial Investments (CFI) is portfolio management arm of the group. CFI is considered to be the asset manager of choice by local institutional investors. CFI has assets under management exceeding Three Billion Egyptian Pounds, with a prestigio

us Clientele Portfolio. CFI manages six large government institutional portfolios, diversified between equity, fixed income and balanced. In addition to Sharia compliant Portfolios (Morabha portfolio), CFI also serves High-Net-Worth Individuals and Institutional Clients. Several portfolios under management with different genres (Equities, balanced, fixed income, treasury bills, etc..) CFI comprises a large and well-experienced professional Asset Management team.

Buy Side Research

The main edge of CFH’s Asset Management is the focus on Top-down Approach investment strategy. Our buy side professional research team picks the best fundamental future performers on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Proven Track Record

One of our main competitive advantages is our strong portfolio design team who provides tailored solutions to best serve our clients' needs and has achieved strong performance results. For the institutional government portfolios, CFI portfolios have been ranked and classified among the best performers for the last decade...More