investment banking

Services & Products


Services & Products


Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise our clients on attractive potential acquisitions, that unlock hidden value through exploiting strategic synergies, achieving rapid growth, and increasing market power. We provide a wide range of advisory services, encompassing  divestures, spin-offs, split-offs, in addition to acting as both the sell side and buy side advisor.

  •          Divestures and Spin offs
  •          Leveraged Buyouts
  •          M&A’s
  •          Fairness Opinions – Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)


Equity Capital Market

We employ our placement power through strong connections with institutions and high net worth individuals and strong distribution channels to make sure that our clients receive the highest value from every transaction.

  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Private Placements
  • Tender Offers & Takeovers


Debt Capital Market

With unparalleled expertise in debt raising, CFH became the debt house of choice through advising on and providing access to different kinds of lines of credit and debt instruments that enhance the capital structure of our clients and allow them to expand their business. At CFH we diligently select the most cost efficient funding source for our clients depending on the client’s special needs, drawing from a wide range of debt raising venues, the likes include but are not limited to bank loans, securitizations, and bond offerings.

  •          Corporate Loans Advisory,  Short & Medium Term Loans
  •          Discounting Facilities
  •          Securitization
  •          Bond Offering