Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services                                              cfh4

CCS Provides the following services through our Front-end Secured Automated Top Notch/System IT.

Retail services through our retail desk Our Company is independent with professional team of IA’s “Investment Advisors” caters speedy secured and prompt execution.

Institution Desk We believe in Research as a core value.

Gulf Desk Provides our regional investors with full-time access to the market.

Our trading notes and fundamental ideas help our clients in value creation and outperforming the Market index.

CCS Not only serves its clients, retail, institution, regional, and international clients through proper advices and execution also provides e-trade/Same Day/Margin lending Sponsors of Nilex.

Our IT & Settlement and Compliance System ensure top international quality after the trade is made a service.

CCS Also provides technical chart support through our technical analysis department.

CCS Is one of the top 20 Brokerage Firms on the Egyptian Exchange.